Below we have categorized all of the services provided for Atlanta’s mature adult community. Click a category heading to view the services. Or use the search box to search for the service you are looking for. You can also jump between services by using the Services selection box to the right.

Caregiver Resources

From counseling to home care and everything in between, services that help seniors and their families manage emerging care needs. View Services Provided

Counseling & Social Services

In Home & Community Help

Counseling services can provide both the older adult and the adult caregiver a safe place to share what they are experiencing, whether it is fear, grief, stress, depression or anxiety. Social services include caregiver support resources and services to support aging at home. View Services Provided

Additional Services


Services that don’t fit neatly into other categories, such as transportation and refugee support, can be found here in Additional Services. View Services Provided

Independent & Assisted Living

Live-in apartment communities that provide residents some level of care or oversight; from independent or assisted living communities with dementia support to “nursing homes” offering long term care and maximum supervision. View Services Provided

Lifestyle, Recreation & Education

Continuing Learning & Recreation

Staying involved and engaged in community programs provides important social connections and benefits physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. View Services Provided



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